ENPP route apply for cultural route of council of Europe


The European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP) recently submitted an application of Places of Peace Route - The Peace Heritage Tourism in Europe for Cultural Route of Council of Europe thus culminating a process that had begun in March 23, 2015 with the presentation of the project to the Director of European Institute of Cultural Routes Director, Ms. Penelope Denu, in Luxembourg.

"Places of Peace Route" is a virtual route which identifies and promotes the "places of peace", the places in Europe where peace treaties were signed, based on local protocols for route development which integrate more than fifty public and private entities linked to heritage and tourism, tour operators, youth organizations, high and primary schools and universities in the acceding places.


"Places of Peace Route" aims that intangible heritage of European places where peace treaties were signed may constitute a new source of interest for visitors of these locations by conducting regular events, permanent exhibitions and other initiatives related to these treaties of peace.