Association for the Promotion of Altranstädt Castle



Altranstaedt is a small village with approx. 800 inhabitants and political a part of the city of Markranstaedt (18 000 inhabitants). The City of Leipzig with 570 000 inhabitants is situated 15 km away from Altranstaedt.

The restoration of the Altranstaedt Castle, initiated by the Association for the Promotion of Altranstaedt Castle e.V. started in 2003, in hope to create a cultural center for the surrounding municipalities.

The village community, but also surrounding places and above all the City of Leipzig and the Saxon Ministry in Dresden started to be interested in the restored cultural monument with its historical backround. With the membership of the European Network of Places of Peace in the year 2010, public and private partners could be gained for support.(Town Hall Markranstaedt, High-School Markranstaedt, Tourist Association Center „Leipzig Life“, Town Hall Leipzig: Resort for Interational Connections, Municipality of Lützen, Societas Jablonoviana and others, as well as local restaurants and hotels. Finely the Castle and the historical events have become an important link between people and institutions from different districts.

Altranstaedt Castle shows how an old and dilapidated castle can be brought back to life by a group of interested and activ persons. The eighty-six members of the Association for the Promotion of Altranstaedt Castle are proud to participate in dissiminating a culture of peace and tolerance.



Annual festival and recurring events, relating to the Peace Treaty and the Altranstaedt Convention:

September 24. Castle festival and commemoration day with church attendance. (200 – 300 visitors).


Every three months the so-called „Altranstaedter Castle Conversation“ with different lectures on the history, referring to peace and tolerance, even on our days, takes place in the castle

Regulary pupils of the High-school Markranstaedt, kids of the Primary School Altranstädt and even the Kindergarden visit the castle for workshops, discussions or only to become familiar with the historical monument and its history.


November 11: Common Commemorating the dead of World Wars (Poppy Day) in solidarity with all members of ENPP by laying flowers at the local commemoration monuments.



Altranstaedt benefits from the proximity of the City of Leipzig and the City of Halle and the large nomber of tourists every year in these cities. Leipzig Tourist Information offers trips to interesting places in the region and Altranstaedt Castle is a highlight for a lot of people interested in history and old monuments.
The Peace Treaty and the Convention touches Sweden and Poland, with the result that busses from these countries make a stop in Altranstaedt.
In summer-time on weekend about 80 –100 people visit the Castle including those who celebrate family events there, the guests for coffee and cakes and the visitors to the Gallery.


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