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Commemorate and Celebrate in the 'City of Liberation' Wageningen, The Netherlands.The two dates that are very important and have a special meaning to many people, are the 4th and 5th of May. On the 4th of May we commemorate those who were lost during the Second World War or any other war. German troops in the Netherlands capitulated to allied forces, Silent March on the 4th of May                      Naamloze afbeelding
The procession will have a moment of silence at the Jewish monument at the Walstraat, where a small stone can be placed. The procession will continue to the Monument for the Fallen 1940-1945 on the Costerweg.

Two minutes of Silence and Wreath Laying Naamloze afbeelding
All of the victims from World War Two will be commemorated at 20.00 at the Monument for the Fallen on the Costerweg with two minutes of silence. Right after that, there will be a wreath laying. Those present can place flowers by the monument.

Commemoration Concert Naamloze afbeelding
The Commemoration Concert will start at 20.45 in the Big Church
(Grote Kerk) at the Market (Markt). 

Fire of Liberation Ceremony Naamloze afbeelding
The liberation fire will be lit at midnight at the 5 May Square.
Just like the past couple of years, the fire will be brought in by the
athletic association Pallas ’67.

The Liberation fire will be handed over by Wageningen’s Mayor Geert van Rumund.
Then the walker groups will pick up the fire and then the fire of liberation will
be spread all over the Netherlands.

5th of May : Celebration of the liberation

00.00 – 01.30 Fire of Liberation Relay
14.00 – 16.00 Commemoration Gathering
11.00 – 16.00 Foulkes Festival
16.00 – 16.15 Commemoration Ceremony at the 5 May Square
13.00 Lighting of the Fire of Liberation at the Main Stage
13.00 – 24.00 Festival of the Liberation
16.00 – 16.15 Commemoration Ceremony at the 5 May Square
16.15 – 17.30 March Past of Freedom

Fire of Liberation Relay Naamloze afbeelding
The fire will be lit at 00.00 at 5 May Square by Mayor Geert van Rumund.
The fire of liberation relay exists more than 60 years. Many sportsmen and women come to Wageningen from all over the country. From Wageningen, they go back to where they live with the fire of liberation.

The fire is a special symbol for Freedom and Identity and this is a unique
way to spread the message throughout the Netherlands.

Commemoration Gathering Naamloze afbeelding
The commemoration Gathering is in the Johannes de Doperkerk.

During this commemoration, there will also be the Capitulation

Foulkes FestivalNaamloze afbeelding
The programme ‘The Dreijen’ is on the grounds of the University
in Wageningen and starts at 11.00. There is a static-show with
historical vehicles, a parachute landing and performances from one
big band and other bands. There are also stands from different
foundations and museums and as a special treat, a replica of the
Battleship Missouri, on which the capitulation from Japan was signed
in 1945. Another part of this programme are the many demonstrations
and also a film programme.

Commemoration Ceremony at the 5 May Square Naamloze afbeelding
This impressive ceremony is at the 5 May Square. During this ceremony school children
will present ambassadors from the allied countries the flag, who
will then place the flag in a flag stand. The ceremony will come to an end when 25 white doves are released, as a symbol for peace and freedom.

Festival of the Liberation Naamloze afbeelding
The opening for the Festival of the Liberation will take place at the
Main Stage from 12.00 – 13.00. Not only with the fire be lit in Wageningen, but also at the other 13 Festivals of the Liberation in the Netherlands.

The Festival of the Liberation is a nationally known festival. The festival is in the city centre of Wageningen. There are many different stages, each with it’s own type of music. There is everything from rock to dance to hiphop. The festival is not only for the youth but also for everybody older and younger than that.

March Past of Freedom Naamloze afbeelding
The March Past of Freedom is a very important part of what makes
Wageningen such a special city in the Netherlands. This year, there are about 1000 veterans, 60 historical vehicles and 10 different bands.

The route that the March Past takes, has been changed since last year.
The new route is now: Generaal Foulkesweg - 5 Mei Plein - Stationstraat
- De Stadsbrink – Ritzema Bosweg.