Fundamental Principles of ENPP
In developing its activity, the Association will be guided by the following fundamental principles:


• to promote cooperation between the cities and places in Europe where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed, and with European Organizations and Institutions whose main purpose is to defend Peace;


• To promote mutual understanding, through exchanging joint experiences and initiatives with all the places where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed;


• To promote and publicize the defence of a Culture of Peace, as the best means of ensuring a peaceful and harmonious environment among the peoples of Europe, for an Europe of Peace;


• To promote events and initiatives in defence of a policy for Peace, in cooperation with national, regional and local governments and with European institutions, namely the European Commission and Parliament;


• To promote contact and joint initiatives for the defence of Peace with other places and regions in the World, especially in those where war is a bloody reality;


• To promote Cultural Tourism for Peace, by integrating the places of Peace into the maps and programs for tourist development in every region and European country.


Objectives of ENPP
In the pursuit of its fundamental principles, the objectives of the Association are:


• to establish an Independent European Association comprising members from every European country;


• Encourage and support its members to bring about regular celebrations of the Peace Treaties and Conventions;


• Propose to the European Parliament that every member of the Association where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed be classed as an EUROPEAN SYMBOL OF PEACE;


• Contribute to the enhancement of those places in Europe where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed;


• Setting up representative office each in every European country or in other continents;


• Set up a EUROPEAN PEACE ROUTE, linking all the places, as members of the Association, where Peace Treaties and Conventions were signed;


• Celebrate partnerships with Universities, Schools, and European Scientific Institutions, to promote and defend Peace;


• Promote, both within and outside of the Association, the disclosure of its activities, through new information technologies.